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Valentines English Rose Soy Candles

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Soy Candles


Beyond the beauty of Soy, our Candles come in several different shapes & sizes.  Now, you can customize your candle, scent and (new this year,), add a lid, many of which are custom made and unique.  Still using wooden "crackling"  wicks, we are re-introducing the classic cotton wick to our collection.  AND, We continue to recycle our containers!  

TEA Blends


Tea lovers rejoice!  We purchase premium teas and blend them to create some awesome and sometimes quirky teas.   And then we package in compostable tea bags because, while we all love loose leaf tea, your time is important, so spend it sipping instead of brewing. 

Body Products


From soaps, to lotions, to deodorant & shampoo bars, we carry a bundle of natural products that are good for you and good for the environment.  After all, it's in our name and we are proud of it!  Made by hand.

Spice Blends


We purchase top quality spices and blend them, giving you recipes that have been handed down through generation's of great chefs.  Have a question?  Our chef extraordinaire,  Maria will help you.  Drop by our booth at the many shows we participate in. 

Our Quality Commitment!


While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We love our products and we hope that you will also!

Upcoming Shows

Sunday March 8, 2020

Guelph Ultimate Womens Show

9am - 4pm

Holiday Inn Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre 601 Scottdale Dr Guelph

Event Details

Sunday March 8, 2020

Guelph Ultimate Womens Show

Our first show of the new year and it is in Guelph!  Time to take a day and make it all yours.  Come out and check the local artisans.  Bring a friend and make it a true girls day out!

9am - 4pm

Holiday Inn Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre 601 Scottdale Dr Guelph


Nothing makes life better than good friends, smiling faces and great food!  Check out these recipes & suggestions for our spice blends & premium Teas..  With no salt or sugar added, awaken the flavours!                                                                                          If you are printing the recipe, use "landscape" option. 

About Us


We are the Amigas!

A group of women with passion for their products and a quirky sense of humour!  We live in the 21st century and work hard to keep our products natural, having fun at the same time.  You'll see us at the many Artisan, Craft, Street & Music Festivals in Ontario.  And while we don't sing, we do break into dance occasionally!  


Our Commitment to the Environment & You!

Quality, Price & Preservation.  A made by hand jigsaw puzzle at the best of times.   We balance our environmental standards with quality products and at prices that don't break the bank.  Sourcing top quality raw materials, we create our products locally and give you prices you can live with.  Our new recycle program for candle containers is one example of our continued commitment and we continue to look for further products & packaging that will positively impact our environment.

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